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Welcome to the Science Academy of Chicago (SAC) site. I am glad you decided to look into our school. We hope it inspires you to visit us in person!

Science Academy of Chicago is a PK – 8th grade private school. SAC was established and designed to stimulate interest in STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering art and mathematics) by providing instruction from exceptional faculty in a small and nurturing environment. Our goal at SAC is to prepare students to carry the torch of knowledge from generation to generation.

SAC offers small class sizes, which enables us to provide the kind of attention and support that we believe is vital for learning in the classroom. This size aids in creating a family-like atmosphere in which teachers, students, and parents can work together in order to benefit the students’ educational and personal development. Parents also have the advantage of monitoring the progress of their child via the internet. On our database, parents have access to their child’s records, daily homework assignments, grades, and faculty e-mails.

We know that beyond a great school, families also need to consider before and after care options. In an effort to support working families and busy lives, we offer both before and after school care. In addition, students also engage in after school clubs and activities, study teams, field trips, science fairs and competitions.

In the primary grades (PK-3) students have homeroom teachers who work hard to instill the love of learning in their students. These teachers work with diligence, skill, and creativeness in order to provide the most nurturing and mentally stimulating environment possible. Beginning in the fourth grade, students progress into a new area of development in which more responsibilities are required. Students change teachers/classrooms throughout the day. These teachers possess a mastery of their subjects and use innovative methods and tools in order to cultivate and inspire the minds of our students.

SAC encourages the use of technology across the curriculum. Classrooms are equipped with smartboards, digital LCD projectors, and computers for maximum efficiency in combining technology with classroom instruction. In addition, teachers are able to utilize the computer lab for research and other activities.

In the twenty first century, we are aware of the importance of being able to use computers effectively. At SAC we offer a challenging computer curriculum. Starting in early grades our students learn HTML (programming language used to design websites), Web site design using WordPress, Image editing using Adobe Photoshop (a tool used by professional designers), Software, Networking, Microsoft Office Family (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel), PC assembly, Typing, Windows7, Introduction to Internet & Search Techniques, and Microsoft Paint. These skills make the graduates of SAC steps ahead of their peers in this field.

In addition to our distinctive curriculum we also offer advanced study teams which engage selected students in a deeper exploration of mathematics and science. Students participate in competitions on the state, national and international levels. Beyond the awards and recognition gained from competing, these events also generate an excitement and passion towards the pursuit of wisdom. Guided and supported by faculty members, we are very proud of our students for their academic achievements.

We hope the information on this website will help you to better understand all that SAC offers. Thank you for your interest in Science Academy of Chicago. We look forward hearing from you soon!


Mrs. Brianna Bartucci

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