The local librarian shared a not-so-scary story.
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Field trip to the local farm for the Pumpkin Fest.
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Junior Kindergarten (Age 4-5)

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Our Curriculum


In math, we introduce a lot of concepts. We mainly focus on completing simple patterns, sorting by attribute, identifying basic shapes and colors, recognizing numerals 0-20; but we work on many other mathematical skills throughout the year.


In language arts, we focus on identifying letters (both upper and lower case) and the formation of the letters. We work on reading comprehension skills, as well as introducing sequencing, concepts of print. By then end of the year, our goal is to have every student able to write his own name and form all upper case letters.


In science, we have the opportunity to explore and create. We touch on several subject including animals, seasons, plants, life cycles, safety, and cleanliness.


For our social studies, we start with introducing each child as a special and unique individual. We then continue on to how that individual fits into a family and a community. Through those themes, we work on geography concepts, qualities of a responsible citizen, and an appreciation for the world around us.


Students are introduced to Spanish at an early age and will continue Spanish lessons through their time at the Science Academy of Chicago

06 / ARTS & Music

07 / clubs

Twice a week, our preschooler stay after school for mix media art club and for junior athletics.


Physical education is important to develop activity patterns and sills.  Your child will have physical education twice where they will participate in age appropriate activities.

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